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Bundle: Curl Cream & Lock Oil

Bundle: Curl Lock Cream and Lock Length Oil


“Get the best of both worlds and save in the process! Grab our growth-stimulating & moisturizing oil and Curl enhancing cream to lock in the added moisture. 


**For best results apply oil prior to cream, distribute each evenly through hair.”


What It Does:

Our Lock Length Oil is our uniquely blended oil made to add moisture, promote a healthy scalp, and stimulate the hair follicle for natural hair growth. Our unique ingredients, proven by research to enhance the length, thickness, and strength of your hair, will provide the nutrients necessary to repair and restore your hair and scalp to a healthy state


How To Use:

  •  For Scalp care: Massage onto scalp two to three times a week. May leave in depending on hair type; non-curly hair types may prefer to leave in overnight or for half-hour and wash.
  • For Moisture: Apply evenly throughout the length of the hair. May be applied to beards for added softness. Great when used as a base for Locks of Liz Curl Lock Cream, on 3b-4c hair types.


What it does:

Locks of Liz Curl Locking Cream Locks in moisture and shine while enhancing the shape and bounce of your curly locks. Infused with the perfect blend of oils, butter, and our unique powders (yes powders) this curl cream promotes healthy hair and scalp. Also great for transitioning hair or frizz-prone hair.


How to use: 

Distribute evenly and in sections on damp hair from root to tip. Focus on the length of hair to secure defined curls. Great when paired with Locks of Liz Lock Length Oil as a base for curl types 3b-4c.


Ingredients: (Curl Cream)

Coconut Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Shea Butter,

Arrowroot Powder, Sesame Seed Oil, Coconut oil,

Sweet Almond oil, SZ Cetearyl Alcohol, Eclipta Alba,

Rosemary e.o., Grapefruit E.O., Vanilla E.O., Xanthan

Gum, Pomegranate oil


Ingredients: (Curl Oil) * NOW WITH ARGAN OIL


Sesame Seed Oil, Sweet Almond oil, Castor oil, Argan oil, Ecliptic Alba, Rosemary E.O., Grapefruit E.O., Peppermint E.O.